What does the Endispute process offer that litigation does not?

Conflict Resolution processes can offer many advantages compared to litigation – they can be confidential, flexible, cost-effective and time effective processes that can also assist parties to maintain commercial relationships and reduce executive and management costs. Endispute provides conflict resolution services that are managed to ensure that the process options are more likely to work. The Panel process and the dispute management service produce outcomes that are valued by clients and can save time and cost.

What if we don’t agree on an outcome?

Most facilitative forms of conflict resolution are consensual processes that rely upon the parties to work towards a mutually beneficial outcome. These forms of conflict resolution, when conducted by skilled and experienced panel members have high rates of resolution. In complex disputes, careful planning also supports the decision making process of the parties.

Endispute also offers other processes including Panel Review processes. In these processes, as well as the determinative processes offered by Endispute, the parties can agree to be contractually bound by the outcome. The high level of skills, expert knowledge and the extensive experience of the Panel Members supports the resolution of disputes using the full range of conflict resolution processes.

What will it cost?

Costs are usually split equally between the parties involved in the conflict resolution process. These generally include the cost of the Panel Member, the venue and any associated costs. Endispute also charges a registration fee for each party if after your initial consultation you decide to use the services of Endispute. Endispute has on file indicative fee ranges of the Panel members (between $3,000 – $13,000 per day) as well as biographies and can provide you with an indicative costing.

If you wish to have additional management services provided by Endispute, an hourly charge or a flat fee plus disbursements can be levied as agreed by you. Naturally, parties are also liable for their own individual legal costs in preparing for and attending meetings, be they in-house or external lawyers.

Costs can be dealt with as part of an agreement and an estimation of the costs of the process will be provided to parties as part of the registration service.

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